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I’m using the ADPD 1080 on my own custom board but with the ADPDUCZ microcontroller board so I could use the application wave tool. When interfacing the boards, there is a connection between the IC and the micro and when running a gui I see an output(see attached image). However, the response does not change with changing the amount light the photodiode receives and the leds I’m using do not light up.

I used the microcontroller with Eval-1081-PPG board to examine what’s the difference between my custom board and the manufactured one. I was able to reproduce the output I saw on my board with the eval-1081 by disabling the leds and photodiode using the configuration setting on gui. This leads me to believe that the issue is with the microcontroller configuration.

Can someone provide me with source codes for the micro or at the very least a pin out diagram for it?

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  • There are 3 supplies coming up from the ADPDUCZ micro board.  The 1.8V supply is for the logic levels and for the VDD of the ADPD1080.  There are two LED supplies.  One of them is 3.3V, while the other is 5V.  Green, blue and UV LEDs need 5V, while red and IR require 3.3V.  Ensure that the LED Anode is connect to the correct supply.  Next ensure that all three grounds of the ADPD1080 are connected together at a PCB plane.  Last, ensure that register 0x14 of the ADPD1080 is set up such that it matches the PD and LED assignments you have in the hardware.