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ADPD144 not entering sample mode

Category: Hardware
Product Number: adpd144


We are trying to use the ADPD144 and are using an evaluation board (MIKROE-4292) that takes care of level shifting and voltage regulation.

However, we are not able to get anything other than zeros from register 0x64 - 0x6B. We also don't see the LEDs turn on. Additionally, looking at an oscilloscope on the interrupt pin shows it is always high, which I assume means it is not entering sampling mode.

This is what we are sending over I2C:

To reg 0x10: 0x0001 //places it in program mode

/* setting configurations (see below) */

To reg 0x10: 0x0002 //places it in sample mode

Here are the configurations I'm using:

Format: <Reg Value>
02 0005
06 0000
11 30A9
12 000A
14 0116
15 0330
18 3FFF
19 3FFF
1A 1FF0
1B 1FF0
20 1FF0
21 1FF0
22 3000
23 3005
24 3007
25 0207
34 0000
30 0319
31 0813
35 0319
36 0813
39 21F3
3B 21F3
3C 3006
42 1C36
43 ADA5
44 1C36
45 ADA5
4E 0040
54 0020
5A 0000

I've checked with a logic analyzer and can confirm that everything is being written to the device with no "acks". 

I also do an i2c read and can see that register 0x10 has a value of 0x0002, which should mean it's in sample mode.

What am I missing here? Any help would be appreciated!