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The example program, "example" is running with an error

Category: Software
Product Number: CN0569 & ADICUP3029
Software Version: pyadi-iio(0.0.13) pyadi-iio/examples/cn0569/


I am not good at English.

I would like to try "Optical Gesture Sensor Demo (w/ EVAL-CN0569-PMDZ)" at the following URL:

However, when I run the example "", I get the following error



windwos10 64bit

Libiio Ver 0.24

python 3.8.10 (python program Run with Thonny SDK  4.0.1)

numpy 1.23.3

pyadi-iio 0.0.13

pylibiio 0.23.1

simpleaudio 1.0.4

 Used hex file:

I am not familiar with this kind of field, so I don't know how to deal with it.

Please help!!