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Lates firmware or update on M4_EVAL_SDK Software for EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG and EVAL-ADPDUCZ

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG
Software Version: 0.4.8

Hi there,

i would like to use the Python SDK to interact with the EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG board. There is two problems with this:

1. I tried using the Study Watch SDK. While running the code, there is a warning that the firmware on the EVAL-ADPDUCZ is too old being at 0.4.8, with fw 5. needed. Most functions in the code do not work with this firmware. I am unsure if the Study Watch SDK is even supposed to be run to work with the EVAL-ADPDUCZ. If it is, is there any firmware newer than 0.4.8 available?

2. I tried using the M4_EVAL_SDK which is supposed to work with the EVAL-ADPDUCZ. Unfortunatly there are only 32-bit versions in this repo available, leading to import errors. I tried to follow the instructions to build from source, but multiple errors occurred that i was not able to fix these. 
Is there any possibilty that a 64-bit Windows build will be available?

Thanks and kind regards.