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ADPD144RI register configuration

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADPD144RI

We're using the ADPD144RI in a prototype pulse oximeter, in transmissive mode using external leds. We want to modify the led pulse width and pulse period, but the datasheet has no information on how to configure the registers, just recommended settings. Is there any in depth information on how to configure the registers? The datasheet is very incomplete in that regard.
Pablo Vacatello
Jotatec SRL

  • To clarify, we can read and write to the registers correctly, and have the ADPD144RI working correctly. What we want to know is how the LEDMODE, bits 7:0 of NUMPULSES and AFEMODE should be configured to modify the LED and AFE pulse timing.

  • Hello Pablo, I helped interacting with you with ADI support and Nicholas Resnik. 

    I am posting here the path that he has advised Jotatec to follow and apparently this resulted in a solution:

    The ADPD144RI uses the ADPD103 as an AFE inside the part.
    In the ADPD103 datasheet you will find a section on digital integration.
    This mode is not fully covered in the ADPD144RI datasheet for some reason. This mode allows the user to use wide pulse widths and sample segments of the pulse.

    The “normal-mode” operation uses an analog integrator. This integrator is only optimized for 2us and 3us LED pulses.

    The DIGITAL INTEGRATE MODE is described at page 30.