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WaveTool 5.12.0 source code?

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-ADPD1081Z-PPG
Software Version: 5.12.0


I am in the process of evaluating the EVAL-ADPD1081Z-PPG.  I just got it connected to the EVAL-ADPDUCZ and got some output plot using the WaveTool 5.12.0.  However, I noticed couple of things that prevent me from doing more investigation on the sensor.  Some of the things are:

1. I found no option to zoom out on the graph to see more data.  The current graph shows only a small portion of the data which makes it difficult to see the overall picture.

2. The BPM seems to be off and it changes to a unreasonable number (started 78, 77 and drops to 55, 50).

I want to know if the source code for WaveTool is available for public viewing.  If not, is there other opensource application that can communicate with the EVAL-ADPDUCZ?  Or at least the interface programming specs for EVAL-ADPDUCZ?