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Unable to perform a firmware update with Wavetool for the EVAL-ADPDUCZ

Category: Software
Product Number: ADPDUCZ
Software Version: 5.10.0


I've recently bought an EVAL-ADPDUCZ as well as an EVAL-ADPD188BIZ-S2 and I want to use Wavetool to print the measure of the sensor but the firware upgrade is not working. I've followed the quick start guide and I have done so far :

- Connected the battery

- Installed the FTDI device drivers

- Installed the current 5.10 version of Wavetool

- Installed DfuSe USB device firmware upgrade

- Connected the two usb port to my PC

- Tried to connect the the dev-bord with Wavetool (won't let me because of the firmware version)

- Change the mode to device firmware update with the boot0 button (a new peripheral appears in the device manager)

- Tried and failed to upgrade firmware with the following error message : "the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)"

By following the solution to other discussions on the forum concerning the same issue, I've tried so far to:

- Disconnecting/connecting the battery

- Moving to a lower version of Wavetool (version 3.5.0 gives the same results)

- Running Wavetool as admin

- Changing the default driver for the bootloader found by windows (being "STM32 BOOTLOADER") by manually installing the driver named "STM Device in DFU Mode" (the windows 10 version as there is not a windows 11 version) from the Wavetool 5.10 folder, the Wavetool 3.5 folder and the STM DfuSe folder. All of them produce the same result.

I do not know why I am unable to upgrade the firmware on this board and I don't have another EVAL-ADPDUCZ to try this on.

Thanks in advance,


  • In general the best way to get device manager to install the right driver for firmware update is to get the hardware into boot mode, and then update driver through device manager from the local disk by pointing it to the directory where wavetool is installed.  This is preferred to installing the DfuSe from the web.

  • Hi Temps,

         Please follow the below alternate steps to update the firmware,

    1. Go to "Application Installed folder*\etc\Driver\Win10"
    2. Install the "dpinst_amd64" driver.
    3. Open the "Application Installed folder*\etc\Firmware" folder.
    4. Set the device in boot mode and then launch the "FirmwareUpdate_ADPD1x8" batch file. Firmware update will start after the batch file launch

    Note: We need to set the boot mode before launching the batch file