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Custom ADPD1080

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADPD1080


I have designed and built a new PCB based on ADPD1080 and LTC4313. I had designed all as per the datasheet. But I am not able to connect with it when powered. The datasheet of ADPD1080 says that the i2c address is 0x64. But when I used the I2C scanner code, I wasn't able to find it active. I have attached the design below. 

Is there any mistake in the design?


  • Hi,

       I'm not seeing any immediately obvious errors in the schematic shown.   What are you connecting to this board's I2C interface?  Note that the ADP1080 can have a VOL of up to 0.5V and the LTC4313-3 will add an offset on top of that.   Is it possible that the resulting VOL is greater than what you're using for connecting to the I2C bus requires?   Can you look at the I2C bus on either side of the LTC4313 to see what is happening?


  • Hello Eric,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check them. 

    The schematic for LTC4313 on the website is different and the circuit note is different. 

    The I2C input is given in SDAIN and SCLIN in the schematic (Datasheet)

    But in the circuit note (CN0569), the I2C input is given in SDAOUT and SCOUT. Does that make any change?



  • The LTC4313 is bidirectional for both SDA and SCL.  The only difference between the "in" and "out" sides is that the bus un-sticker function operates on the "out" side.