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EVAL-ADPDUCZ F/W update issue

Category: Software
Product Number: ADPDUCZ
Software Version: Application wavetool

We have followed the documentation to upgrade ADPDUCZ firmware, but are facing issues with st-dfu driver as it doesn't get installed by default and installing from (stm32cube-prog) installs stm32 bootloader, which isn't working.

we are not able to figure out how to install ST DFU driver.

I have tried so far following threads:

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  • So, Following these steps solves the issue:

    1. Install Application wavetool
    2. Download DfuSe USB device firmware upgrade from st website
    3. Install DfuSe with default paths and settings
    4. Put ADPDUCZ in boot mode by holding BOOT0 and switching on
      1. By this time, Device manager shows STM32 Bootloader as unrecognized device
      2. Update driver by adding following path "C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Software\DfuSe v3.0.6\Bin\Driver"
      3. Post-installation should show STM Device in DFU mode
    5. Now Firmware update should work fine.
  • The firmware update issue is mainly due to the DFU driver not properly installed. If you have STM32 BOOTLOADER in the Device Manager -> Other devices:

    You will need to right click on STM32 BOOTLOADER and then select Properties:

    In the STM32 BOOTLOADER Properties General tab select Change settings:

    In the same window tab, select Update Driver

    Next, the Update Drivers - STM32 BOOTLOADER window will appear. Select Browser my computer for driver software 

    At this step, enter the folder where Applications Wavetool has been installed. Make sure to check Include subfolders and click Next when ready

    Follow the prompt to install DFU mode driver

    Once the DFU driver is installed, you should have the EVAL-ADPDUCZ as STM Device in DFU Mode under Universal Serial Bus controllers:

    Now the driver is updated and the EVAL-ADPDUCZ is ready for firmware update.


    Glen B.

  •    Does this issue is resolved after following the steps mentioned?