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EVAL-ADPDUCZ with EVAL-ADPD1081Z-PPG: Chip ID / Firmware Error

Hello all,

Our team initially had issues upgrading the firmware in Applications Wavetool like others have had previously. We confirmed that the Applications Wavetool, FTDI Drivers, and the DfuSe USB device firmware upgrade software we installed were the latest/recommended versions but still were unsuccessful after attempting and re-attempting on five Windows 10/11 computers.

We seem to have successfully found a workaround for upgrading the firmware on the EVAL-ADPDUCZ; however, the upgrade was done on a Windows 7 machine with old STM/DfuSe drivers. (Customer suggestion in other forum.) Please see the attached image for details, which appear to match Fig. 8 on pg. 4/9 in the User Guide.

However, Our team is still getting a “Chip ID not detected” error message in Applications Wavetool using Windows 11. (See the attached image for details.) A different error message pops up when the cable is disconnected, so we are relatively confident that the cable between the EVAL-ADPDUCZ and the EVAL-ADPD1081Z-PPG is connected correctly. Additionally, the EVAL-ADPDUCZ flashes a couple of times (one red, one white) when it tries to connect.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to resolve/troubleshoot this issue? Is our EVAL board non-functional? Is this still a firmware update issue?

Thank you in advance for your assistance, and please let me know if you need any additional information!

  • Update: 

    Our team recently switched from the ADPD1081 to the ADPD4100. The EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG eval board works right out of the box with the EVAL-ADPDUCZ motherboard via the Applications Wavetool app, as intended/described in the instructions.

    Either we had a bad 1081 eval board or something else with the 1081 software differs from the 4100. So I guess if a customer is running into the same issues our team had, particularly with updating the 1081 firmware, purchase the EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG instead of the EVAL-ADPD1081Z-PPG to use with the EVAL-ADPDUCZ.

  • Hello charlotte. Thanks for advising on this. Where you able to implement your application successfully with ADPD4100?