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EVAL_CN0503-ARDZ and ADICUP3029 demo software issue


I'm trying to use the EVAL_CN503-ARDZ module with an ADICUP3029, following the procedure indicated in the "CN0503 GUI Quick Start Guide.docx" file. The CN0503 is assembled, and the ADICUP3029 is connected to a laptop running Windows 10 Pro. The ADICUP3029 drivers have been installed after plugging the USB cable, and the DAPLINK (D:) appears in the file explorer. I did the transfer of the .hex file from the link given in the .docx file, and the transfer seems effective.

However, when launching the GUI, after a connection to the correct COM port (checked in the Device Manager), the program is stopped at step "Reading config from device":

uart server up!
Settings Clicked
COM port is COM7
Serial server up!
Reading config from device

It seems to me that there is either an issue with the .hex file, or with the communication to the ADICUP3029. I've also tried to use the method described here using Putty, but the ADICUP3029 does not respond to the commands.

Could anybody point me to any tests I could do to find out the issue ? I'm new to the ADICUP3029 and not familiar with it so far.

Many thanks.

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