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ADPD 4100 SPI Connections

Are there any reference circuit diagrams available which illustrate the SPI connections between ADPD4100 and a primary device. I am currently connecting the DVDD1 (E1) to +1.8V; DGND (E2) to GND; SCLK (C2) to primary SCK output; SPI MISO (C1) to primary MISO; SPI MOSI (D1) to primary MOSI; and SPI CS (D2) to primary CS.

However, when I call

on the primary it always gives an error. I am using an Arduino UNO as the primary. I am using a bi-directional logic-level converted to establish communication between ADPD4100 and the UNO. I have tested the logic-level converter separately and it is fast enough for SPI communication for this application.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can proceed with debugging?

Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you very much!

  • Hi,

    On AVDD, DVDD1, DVDD2 connect 1.8VDC and connect GND to AGND, DGND, LGND & IOGND.

    On IOVDD connect your SPI/I2C logic level voltage, I think UNO SPI logic level is 3.6VDC.


    Optical Support Team.

  • Thank you for your reply!  I made the connections according to your instructions.

    I have been trying to query the chip ID by using adi_adpddrv_RegRead to read the value of ADPD4x_REG_CHIP_ID. I probed the SPI signals in a logic analyzer and I found that SPI CLK, CS, MOSI are being driven as expected, i.e., the logic analyzer is able to determine the MOSI bits as b00000000, b00010000, which are the correct values for reading the register 0x0008. However, the ADPD chip provides no response, the MISO bits are all zeroes.

    Is there a way to determine whether the ADPD4100 is functioning properly or is powered properly without using SPI at all? Perhaps by measuring the voltage level on some pin or something else?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,

    Is it possible for you to share the sensor picture which you are using?


    Optical Support Team.

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