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PSRR differences between ADPD107 and ADPD1081

We are considering moving from the ADPD107 to the ADPD1081. We noticed the PSRR is significantly lower (24db in 1081 vs 37db in 107).

What is the expected impact on signal quality if we use a similar circuit design? Should we consider a quieter power supply when moving to the ADPD1081?

We built a prototype and using a similar circuit, we have ~20 counts RMSE of noise in a dark environment with the 1081 vs. ~5 counts RMSE of noise in dark environment with the 107, using similar parameters (gain = 25kohm, 1 pulse).

We didn't try float mode yet or other 1081 features that did not exist in the 107. Do you also have any tips on how to achieve similar noise levels?

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