EVAL-ADPDUCZ Refuses to Connect


I have been working with the EVAL-ADPDUCZ for awhile now and it has been an extremely difficult process to get connected to. My issue is that the WaveTool software is telling me in order to connect, I must update. I have updated the device over 3 times with the WaveTool software and it has told me each time it was successful.

Here are the steps I have already taken following a few other forum posts;

  1. Put device in DFU mode
    1. Plug device into pc with both micro and mini USB connection
    2. Turn device power off using dip switch
    3. Hold BOOT0 button 
    4. Turn on device with dip switch
    5. Let go of BOOT0
  2. Check that proper driver is installed (Not the old one)
    1. Right click on the device and delete it
    2. Ensure you check the delete device driver from machine tick box
    3. Wait for it to finish before proceeding
    1. Go into windows device manager
    2. Go to USB Devices
    3. If there is “STM DEBUGGING”
    4. Install WaveTool, if already installed, uninstall and reinstall the entire application as Administrator
    5. Redo step 1
  3. Open WaveTool as Administrator
  4. Press FW Update for EVAL-ADPDUCZ
  5. Follow prompt and wait for update if needed
  6. RESET device when told and await the a flash from the topmost LEDs before pressing finish on the update
  7. Attempt device connection from main menu of WaveTool software
  8. The software continues to tell me it needs an update even though it just previously told me “Update completed successfully”

This is where I'm currently stuck and any advice would be much appreciated!