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Applications Wavetool_ No SPO2 tool in VSM application for EVAL-ADPDUCZ


I am DFAE. Currently I am working on an evaluation test with EVK, EVAL-ADPDUCZ, connected with EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG module in Applications Wavetool.

I have successfully upgrade the firmware in the Applications Wavetool and can connect to the EVK. But when I go into the VSM application, I couldn't see SPO2 feature tool. I could only find ECG and PPG tool (as in below picture).


i have selected ADPD410x-RevG during hardware select to connect.

What would be the reason for this issue? Thanks so much in advance and please let me know if you need any more clarification for the issue.

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  • Hi Anthony,

    As you may know, the hardware, particularly the optomechanical design, varies for SpO2 measurement at different part of the body. We have a module ADPD144RI for finger SpO2 & HR measurement and the eval kit is EVAL-ADPD144RIZ-SF. For wrist SpO2, there is an eval kit along with ADI algorithm but it is only available to key customers at this point. Where will you make SpO2 measurement?


    Glen B.