Multiplexing photodiodes to use a single TIA


I am working on fiber optic sensing. I have around 32 photodiodes. The current output range is till 500uA. Is there any ic which have multichannel photodiode inputs and give digital counts as output. Or is it possible to multiplex these photodiodes using  a mux so that a single TIA can be used. If this can be done is there any suitable mux for this? My current range is in 500uA



  • Hi nandakishor,

    You may want to check out LTC6563. It can meet your need to handle 500uA photo current but it does not have built-in ADC. 

    We do offer other ASIC with built-in TIA and ADC, such as the ADPD4100, however, ADPD4100 can only handle up to 50 uA photocurrent. 

    By the way, what is your sample rate requirement?


    Glen B.