ADPD118BIZ Eval Board

HI, I am using a ADPD Eval Board  with the ADI microcontroller board. 

I am trying to interface two external photodiodes to PD1 and PD2  with cnoth Photodiode cathodes connected to PDC.

Also, I drive an enternal LED through LEDX3,   In Wavetool I selected LED3 as SLOT A  with SLOT B turned off.

To connect  External photodiode  inputs 1 and 2  to Ch1 and Ch2 during time slot A, I set  register 0x14 to 0553.

External Photodiode 1 connected to PD1 worked very well and the LED is also firing.   But I am not able to get the External Photodiode connected to PD2 working.

Please help.