Target Temperature setting in LTM4663 TEC Regulator


I am using a TEC Regulator LTM4663 for a Peltier element.
According to the datasheet we can set the Target temperature across the Peltier element by defining the resistor value across the TSET pin and ground.
I set a 10k Ohm resistor which sets 25°C target temperature with a voltage across the pin 1.25V. I achieved it successfully.
I changed the resistor 5k Ohm to set a target temperature of 10°C I was able to measure 830mV but I see the target temperature across my peltier element still 25°C.
I attached my schematic of TEC as well.

Can anyone please help me on how to set a different Target set temperature.
Need some urgent help with this.

Thank you,

Best Regards
Sai G