ADPD1080 32MHz clock

Hi ADI Engineers

I try to make my post clear and no more than 256 words:

I 'm working on the EVAL-AD1080Z-PRX  board

I could (W)rite and (R)ead back registers' data but could not make the 32MHz clock running!

W 0x0001 to 0x01,    R back to verify: 0x0001

W 0x303A to 0x23,   R:  0x303A

W 0x0A20 to 0x30,   R:  0x0A20

W 0x0826 to 0x31,   R:  0x0826

W 0x5AFC to 0x39,   R:  0x5AFC

W 0x0001 to 0x5F,   R:  0x0001 : turning on the 32MHz clock

W 0x0020 to 0x50,   R  0x0020 : starting 32MHz clock calibration 

Then Read  0x0A.  got  0x0000    -->  32MHz not running???

W 0x0000 to 0x5F,  R:  0x0000 : turning off 32MHz clock

W 0x00E07 to 0x0B,  R:  0x0Eo7 : sending  pulses to GPIO

W 0x0002 to 0x10,  R:  0x0002 : jumping to run mode

Check GPIO0, GPIO1, and LED's circuit with my oscilloscope: No pulses detected ---> 32MHz clock not running????

Mistakes in my Regs settings or a bad Eval board?

I was careful to avoid shorts, over voltage, and electrostatic discharges.

Thanks for every help and idea.