LTM4663 Functioning (change in Set temperature)


I am using a Thermoelectric Cooler Controller (LTM4663) for my Peltier element(MFG No. 430264-503) with an NTC of 10k.
Schematic I used is similar to the Evaluation board schematic (DC2902A). I am using 5V supply.
I want to set the temperature at my peltier element to 10°C so I changed the resistor to 5k Ohm at TSET to Ground(R15 in Evaluation board Schematic) 
I measure a voltage of 830mV at the resistor at TSET, 1.25V at TFB pin and 2.5 at VREF pins.
But still I see the temperature of 25°C across my peltier element.
Can anyone help what should I do to set a different TSET temperature.
If anything is not clear please let me know and hoping for a solution.

Thank you,

Best Regards
Sai G