Power consumption of ADPD188BI based on the algorithm

Hi Sir,

Could help advise ADPD188BI power consumption with CN-0537 algorithm ? 


Regards, Elke

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 28, 2021 9:13 PM

    Hi Elke,

    The ADPD188BI and its settings used in the CN0537 firmware and algorithm make the entire solution very low power.  The ADPD188BI active time is only on for 20uS per sample, and the microcontroller active time is probably only on for 100-200uS or so (depending on the clocking speed).  The data rate itself is running at 1/6Hz, so as you can use the datasheet of the ADuCM3029 to estimate the overall power consumption.

    But its difficult to put that into combined power terms because it will be different for various power modes on the processor board(ADICUP3029).  The other thing to be aware of is that if there are "extraneous" functions/features pulling power on the MCU development boards. 

    Hopefully this give you some guidance.

  • Hi Brandon,

    Depend on UL217 backup battery test item, Does CN-0537 have relevant test data ? and we have some question as below.   

    a. how is the power consumption @  ADPD188BI active time is only on for 20uS per sample ? and how many sampling time on detection ?  1/6 Hz data rate is mean ADC sampling ? have power consumption data ?

    b. The Algorithm / Firmware support low power mode with battery ? 

    c. Heater/humidity usage condition ? They shall be included in UL217 certification ?