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Adpd1080 register setup vs adpd105

Hi there, 

we are currently working on a portable health monitoring system, and for our newer version we changed the ADPD105  to the ADPD1080. I tried to use the same register set up what we used previously for the 105 but is does not work, unfortunatelly. The led just blink one times when we start the program, but after that it's stop working. I read the documentation several times but i could not discover the differences beetween the two IC's main registers. 

What are the main differences beetween the two chip, are there any register setups what we sould change compare to the adpd105? 

Thank you for your help,

Marcell Berkes

Our register: 

0x4B 0x26A6
0x10 0x0001
0x00 0x80FF
0x01 0x00FF
0x02 0x0004
0x06 0x3F00
0x11 0x3009
0x12 0x0028
0x14 0x0551
0x15 0x0000
0x18 0x3FFF
0x19 0x3FFF
0x1A 0x1F80
0x1B 0x1F80
0x1E 0x0000
0x1F 0x0000
0x20 0x3FFF
0x21 0x3FFF
0x23 0x3036
0x25 0x630C
0x30 0x0319
0x31 0x0318
0x34 0x0200
0x35 0x0319
0x36 0x0118
0x38 0x4000
0x39 0x21F4
0x3B 0x21F4
0x0B 0x0001
0x3C 0x3006
0x3F 0x0320
0x4F 0x20B8
0x44 0x1CA6
0x45 0xAE65
0x54 0x0020
0x58 0x0080
0x10 0x0002

  • Hello Marcell,

    The register setting looked fine. Please check your setup for a few questions below:

    1. You are using the ADPD1080 with remote trigger from the GPIO1 line. Is that hardware connection verified?  If this is different hardware than was used on 105 it could be an issue.

    2. Does the part work when triggered internally?

    3. Can you put a scope on the interrupt line?  A) does an interrupt get generated?  And B) if so, does it get cleared?   Does any data get read?

    Your description that “The led just blink one times when we start the program, but after that it's stop working" does suggest a triggering issue.

    Best regards,

    Glen B.