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EVAL-ADPDUCZ cannot update FW


We purchased a EVAL-ADPDUCZ with a ADPD188GG eval (March 2021).  Loaded wavetool fine, was able to connect via USB and have wavetool indicate the FW on the STM32 needed upgrade.  Connected second USB cable and followed instructions with BOOT0 button.  Can't get FW to upgrade.  We tried multiple machines.

I was able to see the STM32 DFU driver load in device manager after restarting the micro with BOOT0 asserted.  But can't get FW to update.

I've read all the forums and can't find anything else to try.

We're using WIN10 PCs that are up to date with drivers/OS updates.  USB connectivity seems fine.  STM32 DFU driver loads correctly.  The STM32 driver appears to be the latest (I tried to upgrade it too).  No info in log files.


Please advise so I can evaluate the optical sensor.



  • Hi David,

    The failure of firmware (FW) update may be due to the battery not fully charged. To charge the battery, make sure the battery is connected (white 3-pin connector with red and black wires on the back) and the EVAL-ADPDUCZ board is connected to PC (or USB power adaptor) via the mini-USB port next to the switch. 

    Please charge the EVAL-ADPDUCZ board for a few hours before the FW update.


    Glen B.

  • Hi Glen,

    I am working on the same evaluation board in David's team. I tired your recommendation, connected the battery cable and charged the board for few hours. I confirm that eval board remains power on without connecting the mini USB cable using the battery. However, this did not fix the firmware update error we are seeing. I recorded a small video to show what I am seeing. 

    When I power on the device by pressing the boot button, I can see STM32 BOOTLOADER popping up in Windows Device Manager which means the board correctly goes into the boot mode(my assumption). However the firmware update fails. Please find the attached video:

    PS: My system is 64bit Dell Vostro 3583 with Win10 pro



  • Hi Bllal,

    Did you plug in the micro-USB cable and connect to your PC when you tried the FW update? 

    Please follow the sequence below to set Boot Mode (1 - Boot0 and 2 - on/off switch in the picture above) 

    Once the EVAL-ADPDUCZ is in Boot Mode, the FW update will start automatically.


    Glen B.

  • Hi Glen,

    I am doing the exact steps as you mentioned and as instructed by Wavetool application. I confirm I am doing the steps in correct order and not missing any of the steps.

    On switching on the eval board while holding the Boot0 button, I can see the device manager of my PC showing a usb device named STM32 BOOTLOADER which means board goes into boot mode correctly but the firmware update does not start automatically and fail

    You can refer to the video attached in my previous message that show the exact failure message. 

    We have tried the evaluation board on various windows machine and firmware update failed on all machines with the same error which makes this error easy to reproduce. 



  • Hi Bilal,

    Have you solved the FW update issue? The problem could be caused by the older driver STM32 Bootloader. The Applications Wavetool works with USB -> STM Device in DFU Mode. Remove STM32 Bootloader and reinstall Applications Wavetool will solve the issue.


    Glen B.

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