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ADPD188 evaluation board and PPG measurement on wrist or finger



Recently I bought

  • ADPD188GGZ evaluation board
  • and ADPDUCZ microcontroller board


While using the evaluation board, Ive got into troubles.


First of all, there was NO Ribbon cable included in the boxes.

Where and how can I get one ?


Second, Ive got an error message Communication to sensor device failed.

I guess its because no sensor board was connected to the microcontroller board. (I dont have a ribbon cable.)

Right ?


Actually, Im interested in PPG measurement on wrist.

The reason why I bought the evaluation board is

to find proper register configurations for PPG measurement on wrist.

It looks there are some configurations in the cfg folder.

Would you kindly recommend configurations for the PPG measurement on wrist ?


Thank you.


Best regards,


Kim, Min-Joon.

  • Hi Min-Joon,

    In the package of the EVAL-ADPD188GGZ, there are two anti-static bags - one for the EVAL-ADPD188GGZ board (right) and another for the ribbon cable and the wrist strap (left), as shown in the picture below:


    Please confirm if you have both bags in the package you received. If not, please let us know.

    For config file, you can start with the config file ADPD188GGZ_EVAL_PPG_FloatMode.dcfg in the folder. 

    Once your eval kit is connected to the Application Wavetool, you can select the ADPD188GG view: 


    Then you need to load the config file by click the gear icon and get to the ADPD Config window

    Load the config by clicking the folder icon on the top left and then go back to the ADPD Device window. Clicking the play button will start the data stream as shown below:


    Glen B.

  • Thank you for your kind answers, Glen.

    Unfortunately, there was only one bag.

    No ribbon cable bag was found in the box.

    How can I get one ?

    Please advise.


    Best regards,

    Min-Joon Kim.

  • Hi Min-Joon,

    Sorry for the trouble. Where did you purchase the EVAL-ADPD188GGZ? Could you check with your vendor if the ribbon cable/wrist strap bag is available? You could also try to contact the local team of Analog Devices or its distributors.


    Glen B.

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  • I bought it from Mouser, a distributor of Analog devices.

    I asked them to find one, but they told me that they don't have one either.

    They told me that, in every box they have, there was no ribbon cable.

    Please advise me what I should do.


    Best regards,

    Min-Joon Kim.

    ps. I also sent the same story to Analog Devices' healthcare technical support email address, but no answer yet.