Hello ,

          I'm working on ADPD188BI . I got a question . Here are two results from  ADPD188BI's FIFO .

1. Result when there is no cover on ADPD188BI board

    SLOTA CH1:0x0000

    SLOTA CH2:0x0000

    SLOTA CH3:0x0251

    SLOTA CH4:0x0252

    SLOTB CH1:0x0000

    SLOTB CH2:0x0000

    SLOTB CH3:0x0252

    SLOTB CH4:0x025b

2. Result when I put my finger close to ADPD188BI board.

    SLOTA CH1:0x0000

    SLOTA CH2:0x0000
    SLOTA CH3:0x066c
    SLOTA CH4:0x0b0e

    SLOTB CH1:0x0000
    SLOTB CH2:0x0000
    SLOTB CH3:0x168c
    SLOTB CH4:0x2dc4

LEDX3 in slotB and LEDX1 in slotA . As you can see , in the second results ,  SLOTA CH3 and SLOTA CH4 are not the same .

SLOTB CH3 and SLOTB CH4 are not the same .But I think I have the same config of  channel3 and channel4 .

I will give you my configuration information . Please tell me what is the reason .Thanks.

Reg: 0x00 :0x0000
Reg: 0x01 :0xc0ff
Reg: 0x02 :0x0104
Reg: 0x03 :0x0000
Reg: 0x04 :0x0000
Reg: 0x05 :0x0000
Reg: 0x06 :0x0700
Reg: 0x07 :0x0860
Reg: 0x08 :0x0a16
Reg: 0x09 :0x00c8
Reg: 0x0a :0x0000
Reg: 0x0b :0x0107
Reg: 0x0c :0x0000
Reg: 0x0d :0x0000
Reg: 0x0e :0x0000
Reg: 0x0f :0x0000
Reg: 0x10 :0x0002 //normal operation
Reg: 0x11 :0x3131 //Time Slot A and B data format: four channels of 16-bit sample data 
Reg: 0x12 :0x4f40  //fsample=4Hz
Reg: 0x13 :0x0320
Reg: 0x14 :0x055d //In slotAB,EXT_IN1 to CH1,EXT_IN2 to CH2,PDET1 to CH3,PDET2 to CH4 .   LEDX3 in slotB LEDX1 in slotA
Reg: 0x15 :0x0110 //NUM_AVG =2
Reg: 0x16 :0x3000
Reg: 0x17 :0x0000
Reg: 0x18 :0x3fff     //SLOTA_CH1_OFFSET
Reg: 0x19 :0x3fff     //SLOTA_CH2_OFFSET
Reg: 0x1a :0x1f00    //SLOTA_CH3_OFFSET
Reg: 0x1b :0x1f00    //SLOTA_CH4_OFFSET
Reg: 0x1c :0x3000   
Reg: 0x1d :0x0000   
Reg: 0x1e :0x3fff     //SLOTB_CH1_OFFSET
Reg: 0x1f :0x3fff      //SLOTB_CH2_OFFSET
Reg: 0x20 :0x1f00    //SLOTB_CH3_OFFSET
Reg: 0x21 :0x1f00    //SLOTB_CH4_OFFSET
Reg: 0x22 :0x3036
Reg: 0x23 :0x3036
Reg: 0x24 :0x1030
Reg: 0x25 :0x630c
Reg: 0x26 :0x0000
Reg: 0x27 :0x0700
Reg: 0x28 :0x0000
Reg: 0x29 :0x4000
Reg: 0x2a :0x0000
Reg: 0x2b :0x0000
Reg: 0x2c :0x0000
Reg: 0x2d :0x0000
Reg: 0x2e :0x0000
Reg: 0x2f :0x0000
Reg: 0x30 :0x0220
Reg: 0x31 :0x020f
Reg: 0x32 :0x0320
Reg: 0x33 :0x0818
Reg: 0x34 :0x0000
Reg: 0x35 :0x0220
Reg: 0x36 :0x020f
Reg: 0x37 :0x0000
Reg: 0x38 :0x0000
Reg: 0x39 :0x1af8
Reg: 0x3a :0x22fc
Reg: 0x3b :0x1af8
Reg: 0x3c :0x3006 //keeps all channels on
Reg: 0x3d :0x0000
Reg: 0x3e :0x0320
Reg: 0x3f :0x0320
Reg: 0x40 :0x1010
Reg: 0x41 :0x004c
Reg: 0x42 :0x1c35 //Disable TIA gain individual setting
Reg: 0x43 :0xada5
Reg: 0x44 :0x1c35
Reg: 0x45 :0xada5
Reg: 0x46 :0x0000
Reg: 0x47 :0x0080
Reg: 0x48 :0x0000
Reg: 0x49 :0x0000
Reg: 0x4a :0x0000
Reg: 0x4b :0x2695
Reg: 0x4c :0x0004
Reg: 0x4d :0x0072
Reg: 0x4e :0x7040
Reg: 0x4f :0x2090
Reg: 0x50 :0x0000
Reg: 0x51 :0x0000
Reg: 0x52 :0x0040
Reg: 0x53 :0xe400
Reg: 0x54 :0x0aa0
Reg: 0x55 :0x0000
Reg: 0x56 :0x0000
Reg: 0x57 :0x0000
Reg: 0x58 :0x0000
Reg: 0x59 :0x0808 //float disabled for Time Slot B
Reg: 0x5a :0x0010
Reg: 0x5b :0x0000
Reg: 0x5c :0x0000
Reg: 0x5d :0x0000
Reg: 0x5e :0x0808 //float disabled for Time Slot A
Reg: 0x5f :0x0001

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