Question about the problem that ADPD4101 does not operate normally when power-up.

My client made 6 of them using the parts below.
-Part No. : ADPD4101BCBZR7
-Date code: 2016

After power-up, 3 of them operate normally (addr 0x08, value 0x2c2), but the remaining 3 are read as CHIP_ID (addr 0x08) as 0x0000.

For reference, My client controlled through the CPU with the following items in 'errata for Preliminary Datasheet'.

Please answer if it is necessary.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------
At every power-up of the ADPD4100/ADPD4101, please use the following register sequence:
1.GPIO0 must either be driven to, or pulled up to, IOVDD at the start-up. This can either be performed by driving the GPIO 0 pin high from the microcontroller or by a weak pull-up to IOVDD (>1MΩ).
2. Write register 0x00B5 to 0x0004. This writes REGISTER_INIT bit to 1.
3. Write register 0x00B5 to 0x0000. This writes REGISTER_INIT bit to 0.
4.If GPIO0 is driven high by the host, it can be released at this point.