Hi, I'm using ADPD188BI and I got some problem.

I made a board as you can see .

And I use TXS0108EPWR to convert the voltage to 1.8V.

When I use I2C or SPI ,I cant communicate with ADPD188BI.When I use I2C,I cant get the ACK. When I use SPI,I cant get the back data.

When I use I2C,The adress I use is 0x64<<1when I write ,(0x64<<1)|1 when I read.

When I use SPI ,the CS signal is OK.

And I measure the voltage of the pins ,The voltage of VDD is 1.8V,VREF pin is 0V.If there is something wrong with the ADPD188BI chip?

Or something wrong with the I2C orSPI signal I give ? 

  I2C 10us per grid

I cant figure it out .

Looking forward for your reply !