ADPD188BI Application Programming Guide

ADPD188BI  datasheet  VER_NUM  is 0x09 ; but  Read is 0x0A  interface  is I2C。salveaddress and Dev-ID  read  is  OK 。see the picture。 ADI  have  Application Programming Guide for ADPD188BI ?the datasheet is not details。if have Drive code will be  better。

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  • thank you  very much ,   Sure that is ADPD188BI ,  I can see the Device Blue Led  light up.  NOW, I have more question about  CN5037 .please see picture.Equatoin 9 Iled is which Iledpk ,Iledcourse,Iledfine? The Equation 13 Iled is the same?   The yellow variable GAIN COEFFICIENT and  INTER_COEFFICIENT at Equatoin 11 and Equatoin 12 what is mean ,where I can find it's value?