ADUX1020 Field of View

On the datasheet, the ADUX1020 has a 120 degree field of view. In our testing, we measured a 60 degree FoV. Can you explain if this is a typo, a mistake, or if the measured angle means something different?

  • Hello,

    The ADUX1020 standalone chip has a field of view of +/- 60 degrees (120 total). If you're using the evaluation materials (ADUX1020-EVAL-SDP), the LED included on that is the SFH4046, which has a half angle of +/- 22 degrees (44 total) which limits the field of view. Using wider FOV LEDs will allow use of the full range of the sensor. The chip is also partially covered by a black plastic baffle, which may be what is limiting the field of view. The purpose of this baffle is to block light from coupling directly from the LED to the detector on the chip, without interacting with any objects above the sensor. 


  • Thanks for the response, Tyler. Let me provide some extra detail: we are not using the on board LED, but an LED that is directly incident upon the sensor, not reflected. We measured +/- 30 degrees FoV using it this way.

    If the limited FoV is more attributable to the baffle in our case, then how could we remove the baffle safely without damaging the sensor?