About ADUX1020 Using


I would like to use ADUX1020.

So, I have two questions.

#1  Are there any recommended LEDs for external LEDs?

    What kind of LED can I use?

#2  I would like to have algorithms themselves put in microcontrollers, etc. and process them.
    Is software data of algorithms that process sensor signals published?

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  • Hello Yuya,


    My recommendation is to use either 850 nm or 940 nm LEDs. Power LEDs can also be used, depending on your desired field of view.

    The standard LED we use is part number SFH4046, which is a 940 nm LED with a half angle of +/- 22 degrees. A narrower field of view will generally give you further distance directly in front of the sensor, in exchange for lowering the field of view of the solution.

    For further distance, try SFH4258S (+/- 15 deg) or VSMY2850G (+/- 10 deg).

    For wider field of view, try SFH4715AS (+/- 45 deg) or SFH4716AS (+/- 75 deg). These will give a more uniform maximum distance over a wider field of view, at the cost of distance.


    The gesture algorithm pseudocode is as follows, and assumes the user or program has already nulled the four data channels: xr, xl, yt, yb all should read zero codes.


    event = False

    intensityThreshold = 100 (should be adjustable by the user)

    clickThreshold = 0.07 (should be adjustable by the user)

    if event = True:

            i += 1

            if i >= 5 and L < intensityThreshold:

                           event = False

                           gestureStopX = (xr-xl)/(xr+xl)

    gestureStopY = (yt-yb)/(yt+yb)

    m = (gestureStartYgestureStopY)/(gestureStartX gestureStopX + 1e-6)

    d = sqrt((gestureStartXgestureStopX)^2 + (gestureStartYgestureStopY)^2)

    if d < clickThreshold:

                   gesture = ‘CLICK’


                   if abs(m) > 1:

                                  if gestureStartY > gestureStopY:

                                                 gesture = ‘UP’


                                                 gesture = ‘DOWN’

                   elif abs(m) < 1:

                                  if gestureStartX > gestureStopX:

                                                 gesture = ‘LEFT’


                                                 gesture = ‘RIGHT’


                                  if L > intensityThreshold:

                                                 i = 0

                                                 event = True

                                                 gestureStartX = (xr-xl)/(xr+xl)

    gestureStartY = (yt-yb)/(yt+yb)

  • Hello, tylerray

    Thank you for LED information.
    Basically, if the wavelength matches, there is no problem with another manufacturer's LED, right?

    Thank you for the code information.
    Is there a sample code file etc actually moved by the microcomputer?

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  • Hello, tylerray

    In addition there are questions.
    What is the distance when using SFH 4258 S (+/- 15 °) or VSMY 2850 G (+/- 10 °)?
    Since the angle can be small, I would like to detect gesture at a distance of about 50 cm, but is there any LED that it can do?

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