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Regarding Output Voltage Value

For the Above circuit the Output of AD8232 is 0.9V offset +( Diff o/p * system gain ). This output is fed to the ADPD107 PD input configured in TIA ADC mode.

for the out put of TIA ADC should we Consider  eq 11 of Page40?

By using ADCout we should calculate i in the Equation 11 and then substitute in  Iin= (According to data sheet page 47) to get Vin the input Voltage value?.

or should i consider below equation?.

Vout of TIA = Tia_Bias - Iin * Rf  and get Iin 

with the Help of Iin and other values calculate the Vin with the help of this equation?  

which is the right way ?.

what is the exact output voltage from the ADC for "Measuring Voltages Using the Current Inputs(page 47 of ADPD105/7 data sheet)"?.

Kindly guide me in this regard  Optical Sensing@kevin

Thanks in advance.