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what is the default configuration for ADPD4100/ADPD4000 Wrist worn PPG for Heart Rate ?

Hello All,

I understand that the ADPD4100/ADPD4000 configuration must be defined for each use-case.

I am using ADPD4100 for a wrist worn heart rate estimation application.

what is the basic configuration for this?

  • Meanwhile, I am sharing the ADPD4000 PPG measurement config file. For ADPD4100, please contact me.

    #ADPD4000 PPG Measurement
    0009 0090 # 32MHz trim
    000B 02B2 # 1MHz trim
    000D 2710 # Sampling rate, 0D05 300 Hz, 2710 100Hz, 1388 200Hz, 09C4 400 Hz
    000F 0006 # 1MHz osc
    0010 0000
    0020 0002 # In1 & In2 to VC1 during sleep
    0022 0403 # gpio3 output, gpio0 out invert
    0023 0002 # gpio1 int x
    0014 8000 # fifo to int x
    0021 0000 # inputs configured single-ended
    0024 5000 # setup timeslot A trigger to gpio3
    # Slots config

    ## Timeslot A AFE Settings, default PPG mode
    0100 0000 # Rs=500ohm, CH2 disabled
    0101 41DA # TIA-BPF-INT
    0102 0005 # IN1 to CH1, IN2 to CH2
    0103 5002 # 0x5002: precon to TIA_VREF, VC1= Vdelta
    0104 E3C0 # 1.3Vref, 200k gain at CH1
    0105 000E # LED 1A current, please increase the current if needed
    0106 0000 #
    0107 01FE # NUM_INT:NUM_REPEAT (use even number of pulses when in chop mode)
    0109 0210 # LED pulse width and offset
    010A 0003 # INT pulse width
    010B 1010 # INTEG_OFFSET
    010D 0099 # chop -++-
    010E 0000 # CH1 ADC offset = 0, use chop mode
    010F 0000 # CH2 ADC offset
    0110 0003 # 3 bytes signal
    0112 0000 # no decimation

  • Hi,

     i am trying measure  Heart rate using adpd4100z evaluation board with nrf52840 controller board 

    is that configuration working ? i have set 3 bytes for signal .

    how many data register i should read and how to swap the data for calculate the bpm?

  • Hi there,

    Yes, the confiig in the previous response works well for PPG measurement.

    With regard to the FIFO read and bpm calculation, you will need to log the timestamp when you read data from the FIFO so you have a time series from which you can derive the peak-to-peak duration and convert it to the heart rate.


    Glen B.

  • Hi sir ,

    how to log the timestamp with out using wavetool evaluation software, we are using controller board nrf52840 wavetool its not connecting with this .

    can you give the details after reading the data how to convert bpm?

  • Hi there,

    You can get the timestamps in your routine of FIFO interrupt and associate the timestamps with the data block. Typically the SDK of your choice of micro allows you log the timestamps.

    This Nordic forum thread may be helpful

    Once you have the time series, you would need to develop your algorithm to get the beat-to-beat interval and further the bpm.


    Glen B. 

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