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ADPD105 the FIFO fuction


       now i am taking a project by using ADPD105.

       The problem I have now is to use FIFO mode to generate interrupt through FIFO level, but configure relevant registers according to the steps provided in the manual. The specific register configuration is as follows:

      0x11: 0x3131

      The adpd_water processing parameter is 3,

      The value read 0x06 is: 0x1700

      Gpio0 is used as an interrupt,


      0x02: 0x0107 (polarity reversed, no effect)

      0x0b: 0x1001 (gpio1 output low level, gpio0 provides interrupt function)

      However, gpio0 does not interrupt the signal output when measured with an oscilloscope

      Can you tell me if there is a problem with the configuration? Or can the driver of interrupt mode be provided for reference?


  • Hi,

    I am not sure if I understand properly, so please correct me if I am talking about something else.

    I am guessing that you're trying to see an interrupt when FIFO threshold is exceeded and you're reading from FIFO. Can you write 0x01: 0x00FF?

    Also from the datasheet:

    The FIFO interrupt automatically clears immediately upon reading any data from the FIFO and is set again only when the FIFO is written and the number of words is above the threshold.

    Therefore, on the oscilloscope, you may miss the interrupt since it is cleared immediately. 

    Let me know if I missed what you mean. As I said, I didn't understand well. So if you can give more details if I missed, it would be good.

  • It's hard to understand the issues without much explanation. Please email me at with more details.