How to use GPIO as interrupt output on ADPD4001

I want using GPIO0 as interrupt X.

So I controlled registers as below. Is this the right control?

   - ADDR 0x0006(FIFO_TH) => FIFO_TH[7:0] = FIFO bytes size 1

   - ADDR 0x0014(INT_ENABLE_XD) => INTX_EN_FIFO_TH = 0x1 (enable)

   - ADDR 0x0023, GPIOOUT0[6:0] = 0x02 (Interrupt X)

   - ADDR 0x0022, GPIO_PIN_CFG0[2:0] = 0x03 (outputinverted)

When ADDR 0x0022, GPIO_PIN_CFG0[2:0] = 0x03 (outputinverted)

   - If interrupt X occurs, what is the polarity of the GPIO0?

   - If interrupt X occurs, can interrupt X occur again?

       => If it can happen again, will GPIO0 be toggled?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 15, 2020 6:40 PM


    Those register writes are correct. 

    If interrupt X occurs, it becomes low voltage. So if interrupt X is triggered, it goes from high to low since output-inverted is chosen.

    Interrupts can be cleared automatically by register INT_ACLEAR(register 0x0007). There is also a section about clearing the interrupts in the datasheet.

    If the interrupt channel is cleared, GPIO will be toggled again when the interrupt happens again.