ADPD4001  | ADPD1081 | ADPD188GG | Best Configuration for PPG (2 Green vs 3 Green, Red LED, and IR LED)

We are working on a real-time wearable PPG solution. We understand that either ADPD4001 or ADPD1081 can be used.

Q1) I am wondering if you could comment on the accuracy and power consumption of those two ICs. Which one is recommended by you for a wearable solution?

Q2) The evaluation board of ADPD1081 only uses Green LEDs, while ADPD4001 has 3 green LEDs, 1 red and 1 IR LED! What is the main reason behind this? ADPD1081  cannot support 1 red and 1 IR LED? Which one is better in terms of accuracy? Do we need Green, Red, and IR at the same time?

Q3) To be able to work with the evaluation boards, it seems that we also need an EVAL-ADPDUCZ. I am wondering if there is any solution to directly connect ADPD4001/ADPD1081 evaluation boards directly to PC without an extra EVAL-ADPDUCZ or we need to purchase one EVAL-ADPDUCZ?

Q4) I studied the user guide of "ADPD1081". On page 7, I can see the schematic of the evaluation board. But something is wrong with that. In the schematic, the Analog used "ADPD107-WLCSP"! which is an old chip, and according to the website, ADPD107 is Not Recommended for New Designs... I also noticed that the Green LEDs from OSRAM are not also recommended for new designs anymore. Indeed, they are not even available in the market anymore. Could someone please comment on that? Is ADPD1081 an old solution/IC? Should we use ADPD4001 in our solution?

Q5) The evaluation board of ADPD4001 and ADPD1081 are not available in the market. It seems that you are going to release them on April 30. Is there any reason behind that? 

Q6) Analog also provides a module entitled ADPD188GG. This module already has 2 green LEDs, 2 PDs with IR cut filter. What is its main difference between this module and ADPD4001/ADPD1081 ICs. 

Q7) What is the best (accuracy vs power consumption) for PPG monitoring? How many LEDs? 2 Green, or 3 Green? why three not 2? How many RED and how many IR (do we need RED and IR at the same time or just IR is fine)? and how many PDs? ADPD188GG has 2 PDs rather than just 1 PD? In summary, what is the best configuration?

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