ADPD4000 differential input configuration


I am considering to use ADPD4000 in our product and mainly interested in the differential pair configuration when connecting photodiode (PD) to input pins of ADPD4000.

According to datasheet, it is obviously possible to configure differential input of PD, but it seems there is no application example in the datasheet.

I wonder it is enough to just connect the cathode & anode of PD to Input pairs (e.g., IN1 & IN2) with a biasing configuration, or if there are any advices.

For instance, the below configuration would be valid?

At IN1 pin -> PD cathode: Biasing = VC1 = TIA_VREF + 250 mV

At IN2 pin -> PD anode: Biasing = TIA_VREF

In addition, are there any difference between bias connecting to TIA-side TIA_VREF (above configuration) or IN2-side TIA_VREF?

Thank you so much.