Questions about ADUX1020 Evaluation board

Hi there,

I have some questions about ADUX1020 Evaluation board.

#1, I need a reference of PCB design, please tell me where I can get the Evaluation board's PCB information.

#2, I need to know the cover material for ADUX1020. Please tell me where I can get the cover  material information.

   In adition to it, do you think 3-D printer is capable to make this cover( I'm sorry I don't know anything about 3Dprinter, but I just want to try if it's posible)

#3, Please tell me is it important to use cover? I just wonder what's the main reason to use the cover on the Eva-board. Is it to protect the leakage light from the irLED?

  About the layout of Evaluation board, LED placement looks flexible, it is located by ADUX1020 the picture below( about 2mm), but do you think the cover can be removed if LED is placed like 1cm away?