ADUX1020 Data Read Error

I am trying to interface with the ADUX1020 but I am not able to read any data values from the device.  I am able to set register 0x45 to 0x01, to enable proximity mode, and if I read back the value at this address it is 0x01.  However if I read the data registers 0x04 - 0x06 it returns 0x00 regardless of any object placed in front of the sensor.  I have also tried to configure the FIFO and enable the 32MHz clock by writing 0x0F4F to register 0x32 but when I read back the value from register 0x32 it is 0x0F0F, and if I try to read from the FIFO, 0x60, I get a communication error.  Are there other registers that need to be configured to enable proximity data?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 2, 2019 8:11 PM


    The data registers are not updated during proximity mode, and the proximity data can only be read from the FIFO. Try setting the proximity thresholds (Register 0x2A for the ON threshold and Register 0x2B for the OFF threshold). The appropriate interrupt mask (Register 0x48) must be set as well in order for the ADUX1020 to generate an interrupt on the INT pin when a proximity threshold is crossed. Once an interrupt is detected by the host MCU, the associated proximity data may be read from the FIFO.