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ADPD 4100 SPI Connections

Are there any reference circuit diagrams available which illustrate the SPI connections between ADPD4100 and a primary device. I am currently connecting the DVDD1 (E1) to +1.8V; DGND (E2) to GND; SCLK (C2) to primary SCK output; SPI MISO (C1) to primary MISO; SPI MOSI (D1) to primary MOSI; and SPI CS (D2) to primary CS.

However, when I call

on the primary it always gives an error. I am using an Arduino UNO as the primary. I am using a bi-directional logic-level converted to establish communication between ADPD4100 and the UNO. I have tested the logic-level converter separately and it is fast enough for SPI communication for this application.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can proceed with debugging?

Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you very much!