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Hello evreyone  For couple of days i'm struggling showing up image with ADV7513 FPGA is outputing an unregular format (from what i've seen so far from reference design): 480p-60  2x clk (not ddr) YCbCr 422 8bit style 1.     EDID block: ACTIVE_V = 480 FRONT_P_V = 9 V_SYNC = 6 (IDLE = "HIGH") BACK_P_V = 30   ACTIVE_H

Hello   I have a AD9249-65EBZ  Evaluation Board with FMC(HPC) Connector. But I can't find any schematic FMC Connector in connection with AD9249 IC, where can I find that?    Thanks.
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I used AD9371 to design an RF board.Now I meet some questions in JESD204B interface. I have used API software to config AD9371 already,and use DDS to generate single tone to TX.but spectum analyzer recived an wideband signal in the TX output,not an single tone.I want to know how to send right data to JESD204B IPcore.thank you.   the TX
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Hi,   I have the AD7794 Evaluation board and would like to filter the readings (writing LabVIEW  or VB application). Is there any way of getting the LabVIEW driver VI source code for this board, or another way to drive with V.B.?   The board has part No. EVAL-AD7794EBZ. The LabVIEW application is AD7794 Evaluation Software v2.3