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We met with a tricky problem。We have a set of Zynq-7000 all programmable SoC/AD9361 software-defined radio systems development kit, which is composed of OMMS3-EBZ and Xilinx ZC706, and we connect with a display to check the waveform with IIO Oscilloscope. The waveform appears normally before last Wednesday, but we can't see any waveform since last

Hello all,   I had a quick question.  For both Network and Local Contexts, is it safe to assume that all Libiio calls are thread safe?  If not, are some calls thread safe?  For instance:   Thread 1: Created a Libiio Buffer and is continually calling iio_buffer_refill() and then processing the data. Thread
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Hi,   I am trying to understand the clk scheme for the ad9361 and the IP cores i nthe ref design. I made a figure from what i understand so far for the TX path. clk1 is the clk for the interface as well as ad9361 core and fifo_out. clk2 is the clk for TX FIR filter, clk3 is the HB1 filter clk and so on. i assumed x2 interpolation in all the