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Hi,    Our design wanna to convert HDMI into SDI.    We use adv7611 connect to gs2972 with 16bit 422 YCrCb .    We can capture video successfully.But the color is wrong which display the blue to red and red to blue.    I think the reason is YCrCb which should be config to YCbCr .

I am using Sigma Studios 3.14 to program an ADAU1761. I am trying to use the output of a Look Up Table (w/ min and max) going into a Parameter Update block to control the threshold parameter of a Voice Activity Detector Flag. However, I'm not able to achieve the results I'm expecting using this method. The Parameter Update block seems to affect
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Hi.I am facing a problem. I have made the CN-0217 board.The program works well in Range1 . What changes do i need to make in program so that it works well for all other ranges as well.See below a) and b) in program.I need to run the program in Range2,3 and 4 as well.Thank you   a)  Set Range 1, PGA gain 1  b) // 1. Standby