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Hi everyone,   I am using AD9361 FMCOMMS3 to sent a 9 MHz DDS signal, and baseband sample frequency is 20MHz.   Below is my settings.   Spectrum is as follow, you can see that there has a peak at -11 MHz from central frequency, I think this is due to my sample frequency is 20 MHz, so there has a peak at -20 MHz + 9 MHz = -11

Hi everyone,   I have been trying to create a system using a bootable SD card on the zc706. I followed the instructions on the following guide, successfully booting the device:    I used a serial terminal to check for any errors in the boot process. The
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I use the AD9361 to record WIFI packets at 2,4GHz with a sample rate of 40MHz. Very often the amplitude of the I and Q signals change periodically during one recorded WIFI burst: When the amplitude of I goes high, the amplitude of Q goes low. I tried first FAGC, then manual gain control and set the gain to a fixed value, that