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MAX22216 - DC motor rotates in the same direction, regardless of which channel of FB is activated

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX22216 , MAX222

Hello folks

I am using the MAX22216 on an STM32H7.

I have configured the IC according to the datasheet:
CHS[3:0] = 0x05 => 2 x independent FB
with these settings:
Brushed DC Motor Settings
● DC motor drive mode: CTRL_MODE[1:0] = 10
● Current Limiter Threshold: DC_L2H[15:0]
● Drive Voltage Level: DC_H[15:0]
● Brake Current Level: TIME_L2H[15:0]

So far everything works, but I don't understand how to make the motor turn in the opposite direction.

Here is what happened:
-> If CNTL0 and CNTL1 are both 'LOW', the FB status is HiZ, as desired.
-> If CNTL0 and CNTL1 are both 'HIGH', the FB status is BRAKE (50% PWM on both channels), as desired.
-> If CNTL0 is 'HIGH' and CNTL1 is 'LOW', the motor rotates as desired (OUT0 = HIGH / OUT1 = LOW).
-> Strangely enough - I must be misunderstanding something here - the motor turns in exactly the same direction when the polarity of CNTL0/1 is reversed (CNTL0 'LOW' and CNTL1 'HIGH'). I assume that reversing the polarity changes the direction of rotation, but this is not the case. What am I missing here, or where could the cause be?

Many thanks for your support! Best regards
Benjamin Geiger