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Scaling of ramp parameters between TMC5130 and TMCM-1316 using TMCL IDE 3.0

Category: Hardware
Product Number: TMC5130

Good afternoon,


We are using the TMC5130 motor driver for several motors in our application and we’d like to use the TMCM-1316 evaluation board to set the firmware parameters of the controller from the TMCL IDE 3.0 – the speed profile ramp parameters specifically.


Are the velocity and acceleration parameters directly translatable between the TMCM-1316 ramp parameters and the TMC5130 ramp generator motion control register set?


We’ve observed a significant difference in speed when running the motor via the TMCM-1316 evaluation board for the same parameters set on the TMC5130 - the motor runs slower on the evaluation board - so we were wondering whether

there are any scaling factors between the two boards we have missed and should consider.


Specifically, we want to apply the speed profile in the image attached (tested on the TMCM-1316) to the TMC5310 driver in our application.


Thank you for your help.