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Getting started with TMC5130-BOB and Raspberry Pi 4

Category: Software
Product Number: TMC5130-BOB


I'm quite new to using stepper motors, controllers and Raspberry Pi / Python3 and asking for help. For my project, I want to move the motor by a certain number of steps (max 10 at a time) depending on an outside criteria (e.g. button push). My controller is a TMC5130-BOB that uses SPI to communicate with the RPi via a python script. On Github I found the PyTrinamic library as well as the examples there, but so far I'm unable to get it running.

I have the following questions:

1) There are a lot of infos and examples about the TMC5160 as well as the TMC5130-EVAL, but not about the TMC-5130-BOB. For my basic project (connect and make some steps), can I use those two other boards as examples?

2) In the PyTrinamic library, there is no module for the TMC5130-BOB, only the EVAL. Can I use it instead?

3) Depending on the answer of 2, if its yes, then my problems are solved and I may get the code done myself (…maybe). If not… can anyone help me getting started with the code?

Thank you very much for your support. Best Regards,