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Firmware download

Category: Hardware
Product Number: PD42-1-1140 TMCL - I developed a controller for the PD42-1-1141 TMCL motor using Firmware Version 1.47.  A client of mine trying to use the controller, is stuck, because the motors they have are with Firmware Version 1.46. I know I upgraded my development motor with version 1.47 from Analog's website but today after 2 hours of search I can't find motor firmware for any of the PD42 motors. Was the firmware removed from the website? How do I conduct business with my client under these circumstances? 

Second issue, TMCL IDE  - needed to load the firmware into the PD42-1-1141 TMCL motor.

Near the bottom of the page these are the instructions:

"There are two options to install the TMCL-IDE:

  • Automatic installation: Download the TMCL-IDE setup file below to your computer and start the installation by clicking on the file. The installation routine will create an icon in the Windows Start Menu.
  • Manual installation: Download the TMCL-IDE no install file below and copy it to a folder in your hard drive. The application just starts by clicking. To uninstall, simply remove the file from your hard drive"

There are no clickable links or downloads below.

There is a TMCL_IDE link somewhere above these instructions. That downloads a zip file and contains the TMCL-IDE.exe which is blocked by PC without an explanation. Some error message pops up for 0.5 seconds then disappears but its not possible to read what it contains. 

In conclusion, the PD42-1-1141 TMCL motor purchased from a distributor isn't usable for Firmware reasons, the PC program used for the motor can't be executed on the PC. What do I do? The information on your website isn't helping. Information is missing and instructions make no sense. It looks like hobbyist are building it. How do I get professional level support here? On the Trinamic (the German company who developed this technology)  website everything was simple, it always worked. Can I get a link to the Trinamic website  - my old links to Trinamic are re directed to ADI and I am stuck.