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Which Hall sensor to use for encoder - We are planning a BLDC motor drive with TMC4671 - Can I use A5600 as absolute encoder if yes how ?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: TMC4671

We are developing a BLDC Motor control  for a FOC based position control for a robotic project

BLDC used is a 3 Phase Drone motor - repurposed as Robotic actuator with Planatery Gear system )

We have shortlisted TMC4671 as our controller.

But we went through multiple TMC4671 documents but it is very hard to see which encoder we ahve to buy to start our design with TMC4671 on the encoder part.

1.To keep the syetm cost low we re plannig to use AS5600 - but how to impliment - what are your pointers to start this 

2.If not what are the encoders which can be used here for position feedback - it simply sys analog or digital hall encoders but which one to chos (may be part number or some pointers are essential to start design)

Please help