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Category: Hardware
Product Number: TMC2240

I purchase the TMC2240 EVA KIT and after installing PMCL-IDE software I get : Fount 1 PIDs : VID_2A3C&PID_0700 : Driver not found and the software abort... Have a look to the screenshot.  Thanks for help

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  • ah, I see. Sorry for the missunderstanding.

    I don’t understand why this is so complicated : I installed a lot of eval boards without any problem of driver and they still work fine.

    I thought that the Landungsbrücke is detected in the IDE since you said that you already worked with it.

    I doubt that's an issue with the IDE then, have you checked if it is running with newer widows? Win 8 is pretty outdated!

    For testing, I installed the TMCL-IDE on a win11 machine and attached the "Landungsbrücke", it got detected without issue

  • Thanks Fabian,

    I will try with a recent windows version.

    By the way I tried with a rpi pi 5 as followed :

    $ python3 LandungsbrueckeV3_v3.09.5.BL.hex

    and get the following returns: 

    pytrinamic - TRINAMIC’s Python Technology Access Package

    Openning hex file (Landun…)


    Switching to bootloader mode


    ERROR:root:GetVersion returned invalid answer ()



  • Hi Fabian,

    I intalled tmcl-ide v3.0.7 and it works fine with my eval kit :

    And may kit is not detected with tmcl-ide v3.9.0 :

    So I think that's an issue with this 3.9.0 version.

    I bought this kit BECAUSE it is specified in the TMC2240 Eval-KIT datasheet last version of TMCL-IDE is supported with windows 8 !

    For several reasons I can't migrate to a recent windows version with this application.

    I'm a bit disapointed ...

    Also with 3.0.7 version I cannot upgrade the firmware and I get the same message than with the previous message :

    Could you help me again (AD seems to not update their Trinamic website correctly) ?



  • Hard to say how to tackle this problem.

    Well, that is interesting, but I cannot tell if the TMCL-IDE version is the problem here. That is beyond my scope.
    From your Images:
    The first shows that the LANDUNGSBRUECKE is on firmware version 3.07. And connected via USB
    The last image shows the Landungsbruecke as attached to COM and not the USB port.

    I would suggest connecting it via USB.

    Take a look at the top-mark of the processor chip on the Landungsbruecke.
    If the top-mark is "MK20DN256VLL10", you should use the newest "Small" version of Landungsbruecke firmware (example: LandungsbrueckeSmall_v3.09.2_BL.hex).
    If the top-mark is "MK20DN512VLL10", you should use the non-small version of Landungsbruecke firmware (example: Landungsbruecke_v3.09.2_BL.hex).

    See if you can solve the problem.

  • Hi Fabian,

    After a lot of time I got the hit vith the v3.9.0 :

    So we can close the conversation.

    Best Regards,


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  • Summary:

    --> Windows 8

    --> Installing TMCL-IDE v3.9.0 --> unable to install driver...

    --> Installing TMCL-IDE v3.0.7 from --> install driver and connect USB_com11 --> FirmwareUpdate fails

    --> installing TMCL-IDE v3.9.0 --> fails to connect : wants USB_com18 --> Via Windows Device Manager changing com11 to com18

    --> My Landungsbruecke processor is MK20DN512VLL10

    --> Trying FirmwareUpdate from GitHub --> ONLY 'Landungsbruecke_v3.09.6_BL.hex' works --> Landungsbruecke updated to V3.09

    Everything works fine now !

    By the way I am unable to speed my motor more than 131072pps (HEX'20000') ?!?