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About TMC5072 operation mode

Category: Hardware
Product Number: TMC5072


I'm using TMC5072 and want to drive both operation modes in the same way.

That is TMC5072 has Position and Velocity mode and uses different variables.

It is said that A1, AMAX, D1, DMAX, V1, and VMAX are all used in Position mode and only VMAX and AMAX are used in Velocity mode.

In that case, when I set V1 equal to VMAX, and set A1 equal to AMAX, I am wondering that the acceleration/torque of the motor reaching the maximum speed in Position mode and Velocity mode will be controlled completely the same?

I would like to control motors using same torque and acceleration management regardless of Position/Velocity mode.

That I want to ask if it is possible or not.

Thank you.