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TMC5130 Ramp Generator

Category: Hardware
Product Number: TMC5130A


I'm designing a controller for a motion Platform, which uses 4 TMC5130 drivers to drive the motors. I'm using the ramp generator to save on processing power but I keep running in the problem that the motors sometimes move when enabled but at idle, also when I try to change the speed while in movement the motors jerk unpredictable.

I tuned the motors as described in trinamics application note 001 and used mostly default values, for the configuration (spreadcycle, no stallguard, conservative acceleration/top speed)

Has someone experienced simmilar problems?

  • Hello,

    if the motor moves while in idle, the hold torque of the motor seems to be too low. You might need to increase the Standstill Current IHOLD to give the motor more power.
    This is especially the case if the mechanical setup creates static torque at the motor shaft. Keep in mind, that this will increase the overall power consumption and creates additional heat in the motor coils.
    Increase IHOLD in small amounts to compensate static torque.

    There might be a jerk while switching from StealthChop into SpreadCylce. Please check your threshold for the automatic switching.

    Depending on the used motor, too high accelerations can cause a stall which also produces jerk. The faster a motor runs, the lower its maximum torque is.
    For proper control the supply voltage should be 2-4x the rated motor voltage.

    Also check the overall current setting with the selected external sense resistor or the internal current sensing given in chapter 10 or 11 in the datasheet: