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Brushed DC Motor Controller

Brushed DC Motor Charecterstics
  Torque Speed (rpm) Voltage  Current Resistance
Unload Charecterstics   10920 27V <=1.4A 0.4ohm
Nominal Load Charecterstics 2.5N cm 10545 27V <=3A  
Max Load Charecterstics 15N cm   27V <=3A 2.5ohm ( Inductor resistor)
Incremental Coder Charecterstics
Voltage: 4.5V to 5.5V, Current: <=100mA
Output 1 Charecterstics Square Signal : 1024 Points for each turn
Output 2 Charecterstics 90 degree shifted square signal : 1024 Points for each turn
Output 3  TOP 0: 1 point for  1turn, Pulse Length: 0.25 period of output1 or Output 2 signal

Could you provide suitable product application for the above Brushed DC motor control and feed back encoder or equivalent which is closer to the above charectesrtics.

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