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LTC7000 IC driving capability


In one of our project we are planing to use to drive the IPTG014N10NM5 MOSFET which has large gate to drain charge of 51nC max.

We are using Mosfet as a switch, to drive 28V/25A of load. MosFET has Rdson 1.4mohm. Does the LTC7000 IC will be able to drive large capacitance and operate the mosfet only in saturation and cut off region and not cause high frequency oscillations.

If not, Can you please suggest the method to reduce the oscillations so that power dissipation will be minimum.


  • Hello. From another (LTC7001) post: Gate driver resistance (TG pull-up = 2.2ohms typical and TG pull-down = 1ohm typical) is specified. Peak driver current is not specified, but it is approximately 1.25A pull up and 2.25A pull down (rise and fall times could also be used to estimate the peak driver current). This should help with determining if turn-on time is acceptable to you.